Music Video Dispenser

Music Video Dispenser is shutting down

Music Video Dispenser will be shutting down sometime within the next months, at which point the service will be disrupted. Until then, keep on making videos for your songs, putting them on youtube, and making yourself famous. We wish to thank all of you who used music video dispenser and who made the product worth working on. It's been amazing to see all the songs you've created, remixes you've mixed, and the creativity expressed through MVD.

Until next time.

Generate beautiful music videos

Music Video Dispenser uses state-of-the-art technology to generate fresh and unique music videos for your tracks.

Upload straight to YouTube

All music videos made with Music Video Dispenser are optimized for YouTube, no conversion needed.

100% Royalty-free

No complex licensing, all videos are either free or only require a one-time payment.